Allen Glick, Foundation teacher

For the past two years here in Suzhou, I have been teaching a variety of English courses that include TOEFL, SAT, mainstream English, and AP. My duties this year have been extended on Friday and Saturday to Shanghai , where I teach AP English at Gezhi and Datong high schools. I focus on literature and composition, and my aim is to perfect my students’ persuasive essay skills. To this end, I have been very pleased to observe how my Datong HS seniors 1 have utilized the Toulmin model of argument to improve their writing. The six elements of this model can be charted on the blackboard much like a math problem, and this works like a charm for my deductively minded Chinese students.

I have re-signed for a third year with Ameson largely because of the great folks I work with in Suzhou: George Wu (my principal); the many helpful teachers; and most of all my friend and office manager Lisa Daiyan. Ms. Daiyan is a marvelous facilitator who dispels bureaucratic fogs and keeps my sometimes erratic self on course.

My wife and I are comfortably ensconced in Suzhou, which is a charming and laid back city. Ameson provides me with a fine hotel on Fridays, and sometimes Janet will come along and we will kick up our heels. We have been together since 1974, and living in China has been like a second honeymoon for us. Shanghai is just the ticket for honeymooners, and we plan to paint the town red as often as possible.

Aaron Peterson, AP History teacher

I came here to teach, and this school provides the educational environment of every teacher's dreams. The school is modern (construction 'finished' this summer). Every classroom has advanced technology, including a computer, a projector system, sliding layers of blackboards, a smartboard, and a network for accessing the Internet and shared folders across the entire school. All teachers have access to a printing room with limitless opportunity to make photocopies and print classroom materials.

In most classes, there are about 50 students in a spacious room, but my classrooms have a little over 30 students in each. 

But everything else is great. The city size is neither too big nor too small. It has restaurants, shopping, and entertainment that range in price and quality--and all are easily accessed as a product of the convenient layout of the city. The city is clean. It feels safe. It's modern. It has an ace public transportation system.

Read more about Aaron's experiences via his Blogspot blog...

Shankar Sharma, IELTS teacher

I’ve been working in Taizhou High School, Jiangsu Province, since September 2008. I teach in the IELTS program, mainly to students aged 15-17.

It’s a prestigious school that boasts sharp, keen students who are great fun to teach, and also to interact with, outside the classroom.

In terms of my environment, the staff are very helpful and accommodating, while the city – though small by Chinese standards – is a pleasant place to live. In sum, my first year of teaching outside Britain was thoroughly enriching – so much so, that I’ve signed on for another!

Tom Eisenbeiser, AP English Literature

I have found renewed joy in teaching here, not least because of the bright students in our AP programs here in Nanjing.

As a literature teacher, I have found many students who have read widely in Western European literature and American literature in Chinese versions, who are now devouring the texts in the original. In March, we were reading Hamlet, a rich text for advanced students. Recently we also read Faulkner and I again was impressed at the sophisticated level of comprehension of both textual details and of the appreciation of the Southern Gothic symbolism.

The other special aspect here is that all of the students will be going abroad to colleges in the U.K. or America or elsewhere. Thus, we feel a quality here, in addition to the excitement and optimism, of constant improvement.

Both from the principal and also from fellow teachers and even from students, one hears questions about ways we can improve all the time. And when a good suggestion comes along, we can expect the administration to act toward implementing such improvements. Such pro-active attitudes are emblematic of the best institutions; and so we feel fortunate to have become a member of this team.

Dee Eynon-Richards, AP History teacher

Nanjing is a perfect place to study World History, having its own long and colourful history. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and this course gives students the perfect opportunity to study China (and other fascinating civilizations), not only from its origins, but as it relates to other world cultures.

My students and I are journeying through time and place, exploring many of the worlds ancient cultures, countries and empires to today. As we read first hand accounts, study art and crafts of the ages, we see through the eyes of the people of each era.

World History is a perfect place to discover our country and our place in the world. As an added bonus, students get the opportunity to get a first class qualification, to assist them on their own journeys to other countries and in life - thus being part of and perhaps creating history themselves.

Joseph M. Giramma, Literature teacher

I have been coming to China for the past twenty five years and have always found Chinese students to be the most intelligent students in the world. They are curious, clever, and well-informed, holding on to traditional values while being hurled into the future at dizzying speeds. Teaching them to "think outside the box" in an individual manner can (sometimes) be challenging. Critical analysis and challenging the teacher is frowned upon, but there are also many students who have traveled outside of China, who exhibit many traits of "the avarage American or European" student. I have taught at all levels of the educational system in China - from Primary School to a major university, Soochow University.

My present position in Changhzou (Jiangsu Province) is stimulating because the students are eager to learn. They are willing to be challenged, and show great intellect and dynamic, creative minds. The Changhzhou School environment is pleasant with all ameneties close by. High speed internet is readily available on the campus. The classrooms are clean, supplied with the most modern technological teaching aids, including computer capabilities and large screens. The food on the campus is wonderful and everyone is very helpful. I find that the students I am presently teaching are some of the brightest Chinese students I have seen. I am looking forward to learning a lot, as well as constantly stimulating these future Chinese leaders' amazing growth.

Angelo Sollano, Italian language teacher

The service offered by Ameson in this field is simply perfect. Students are invited to live and study in our school for nearly six months. In this period, one of the goals is to prepare them for the exam CILS level A2, necessary for those who want to study in private high schools in Italy, and very useful for all the other ones. At the same time, a very professional team helps them choose the right school in Italy, prepares the documents for enrolment, and follows the procedure for visa and keeps contact with the Italian consulate.

The course requires some efforts from the students: six classes per day, taught by native speakers and Chinese teachers. The results of our last exam showed that most of the students can reach that result. A real satisfaction, indeed! The classrooms are modern, so that we can offer all kinds of multimedia and presentations.

CILS is an exam organized by the University for Foreigners in Siena, and our students usually begin their Italian “adventure” in this University. Being part of the CILS network sets our school in an international environment. I have been teaching here since July 2008. A big group of nearly 60 students has already left to Italy, and most recently, I prepared a smaller group. I am very satisfied about the results achieved by my students, thanks to the cooperation of the whole team in Ameson.

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