Beijing No. 4 High School

Beijing No.4 High School is a highly prestigious public beacon high school in Xicheng District, Beijng, China. It was established in 1907 by the Shun Tian Government (Beijing Government) during the Qing Dynasty.

The school was refurbished in 1983 and occupies an area of 46372 m². The school proffers a stadium with plastic field, in which there are a football pitch, two volleyball courts, six basketball playgrounds, and other track and field facilities. A multi-purpose gymnasium is also inside of the school, where there are rooms for table tennis, a gym and a 200-meter swimming pool. There are also cafeterias, auditoria, and students dormitories.

In the teaching building, each floor of this four-storey structure has eight classrooms, which are shaped in hexagon instead of rectangle. This design facilitates large capacity, small sight range and small visual angle that are really conducive to teaching and learning in the classrooms. The corridors shaped by the hexagonal classrooms are also convenient for emergency evacuation and break-time amusement.
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2 West Huangchenggen North Street, Xicheng, Beijing, Beijing
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