Shanghai Gezhi High School

Gezhi High School is one of Shanghai's most famous high schools, located right in the heart of the city.

The school was founded in 1874 by Xu Shou, one of Chinas earliest and strong-est advocates of modern science, and with the sup-port of the British Consul General. Gezhi has maintained its academic leadership across three centuries and continues its tradition of bringing together both Western and Asian learning.

The campus, filling a city block in downtown Shanghai and rising ten stories high, features extensive facilities: air-conditioned classrooms with modern audio-visual equipment and broadband internet connections, four computer labs, a state-of-the-art language lab, a newly remodeled cafeteria, a competition indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, and specially equipped rooms for teaching tea ceremony, fencing, martial arts, ping pong, snooker, drama, dance, and chess.

Besides its outstanding facilities, Gezhi High Schools location is ideal for an educational experience.

The school is just three blocks from Peoples Square, the location of three museums, the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum, and the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the Shanghai Grand Theatre, the Shanghai Concert Hall, and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Providing easy access to all areas of Shanghai, the Peoples Square Metro Station, the intersection of three subway lines stretching out in all directions, is just a short walk from the school. Nan-jing Road, the most famous shopping street in China, is ten minutes away, and the Bund and Old Town are within a twenty-minute walk.
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35 Changsha Road, Huangpu, Shanghai, Shanghai
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